Gathered nutrition from one of the remotest and cleanest environments on earth.

Potent and pure.

Our goal is to create the world's most potent and pure tonic soups.

The value of food as 'medicine' is a time honoured concept. This

was our inspiration to spend four years creating New Zealand’s

first range of premium freeze-dried tonic soups.


A treasury of goodness lies within the clean, cold seas around New Zealand and amongst our landWe gather the most premium and potent produce available from one of the cleanest environments on earth and gently freeze dry it for maximum nutritional value, freshness, flavour, colour and texture.

We use sustainably harvested produce and use organics wherever we can. All of our ingredients can be traced back to their origin.


100% natural, 100% New Zealand ingredients, intensely flavoursome and highly nutritious. Taken regularly, Kai Tonic can help support wellbeing, vitality and recovery.


“As a naturopath and nutritionist, I really recommend Kai Tonic. Not only is it delicious, when you are feeling under the weather it truly gives you a boost and helps you to feel better. It’s great for your digestive system, immune system, helps reduce inflammation and boosts your vitality.”

Natural Health & Nutrition

Caroline Robinson

"Kai Tonic has played a valuable role in my journey back to health.”  

Jazz Musician

Nathan Haines

“After taking Kai Tonic for 2 weeks I have noticed that it really perks me up and gives me energy. I often feel nervous before meals as I can feel severe discomfort if I don’t eat the right things - but I can relax when it is Kai Tonic time, and I feel like I am becoming more hardy and healthier as the days go on.”


Elwyn Young


Our Range

Premium New Zealand Seafood Tonic Soup

Greenshell Mussel & Kina Roe Broth with Gold Tip Sea Cucumber, Abalone, Greenshell Mussels, Wakame Seaweed, Kawakawa, Horopito, Golden Needle Mushrooms & Vegetables.

More varieties launching shortly

Purity & Security

Produced by hand with traceable ingredients

Our Kai Tonics are carefully produced by hand in small batches to ensure the highest standards of quality. All ingredients in each batch can be traced back to their source of origin. Discover where we've gathered our ingredients from.


Premium ingredients freeze-dried for maximum potency and freshness

We gather only the best quality produce from New Zealand’s pristine cold coastal waters and land, then freeze-dry them in small batches. Freeze-drying retains nutritional value better than other drying methods, ensuring maximum nutritional potency and freshness. It also preserves the natural flavour, colour and texture of our powerful ingredients, removes moisture and the potential for bacterial growth and creates a longer shelf life.


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