Our traceable ingredients

Premium New Zealand Seafood Tonic Soup

Ingredient provenance for batch: BEST BEFORE JUNE 2020 and NOV 2020


New Zealand Greenshell™ Mussels
Sustainably farmed and hand raised in the isolated and pristine waters of the Marlborough Sounds. Greenshell™ Mussels are unique to New Zealand and rated by the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch Programme as one of the most sustainable seafood products in the world.


New Zealand Wild Gold Tip Sea Cucumber
Sustainably gathered from a small area of New Zealand’s Pacific East Coast where it lives on the edge of New Zealand’s deep-water trench system. Each sea cucumber is gently lifted from the sea floor using a proprietary trap and then placed in a live tank aboard the fishing vessel before being cleaned by hand and snap-frozen at sea in the same manner as scampi.
New Zealand Wild Kina Roe (Sea Urchin)
Sustainably hand gathered by free divers from cold pristine waters in Bluff at the bottom of New Zealand’s South Island - a location with a reputation for some of the world’s best Kina. 

New Zealand Wild Abalone (Paua)
Our Wild Abalone are sustainably hand gathered by a team of experienced free divers from New Zealand's pristine water in the remote Chatham Islands.

New Zealand Wakame Seaweed 
Harvested in the South Island on the Otago coastline in clean free-flowing water in an environment closely monitored for any pollutants or contaminants. The result is very healthy, fresh Wakame Seaweed - a quality that is hard to match in other environments.


Wild harvested from the Upper Whanganui River near Jerusalem. Wild harvested means we take what we need and no more, so the plants remain sustainable and healthy.

Wild harvested near the Horopito Village in the Central Plateau Region of the North Island of New Zealand. Wild harvested means we take what we need and no more, so the plants remain sustainable and healthy.

Golden Needle Mushrooms
Harvested from a New Zealand GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) approved supplier near Auckland. New Zealand GAP is a quality assurance programme that provides a traceable, accountable system from crop to customer. It ensures best practices are in place for the production, packaging and distribution of New Zealand fresh produce, and reduces the risk of health, safety and environmental issues.

Organic Daikon Radish

From Southbridge, Canterbury in the South Island of New Zealand.


Organic Carrots

From Hororata, Canterbury in the South Island of New Zealand.


Greenhouse grown in the Auckland region in New Zealand’s North Island.

Spring Onion

From the Upper Moutere in Tasman, Nelson.

Organic Marlborough Sea Salt

Sea water, fresh from the Pacific Ocean, is pumped into Lake Grassmere in the South Island. Warm north-west winds blow across the exposed lake, evaporating water and increasing the concentration of salt.  As the water continues to evaporate, salt forms as a crust on the bottom of the ponds. The remaining water is pumped out and the dried salt is harvested, crushed and washed.