“As a naturopath and nutritionist, I really recommend Kai Tonic. Not only is it delicious, when you are feeling under the weather it truly gives you a boost and helps you to feel better. It’s great for your digestive system, immune system, helps reduce inflammation and boosts your vitality.”

Natural Health & Nutrition

Caroline Robinson

"Kai Tonic has played a valuable role in my journey back to health.”

Jazz Musician, NZ

Nathan Haines

“After taking Kai Tonic for 2 weeks I have noticed that it really perks me up and gives me energy. I often feel nervous before meals as I can feel severe discomfort if I don’t eat the right things - but I can relax when it is Kai Tonic time, and I feel like I am becoming more hardy and healthier as the days go on.”

New Zealand

Elwyn Young

“Kai Tonic works from the inside out, giving me a sense of well being and giving me that extra ‘glow’. Not only is it delicious, I just know it’s incredibly good for me.”

Designer, Model and DJ 

Jaimie Webster Haines

“I’m using Kai Tonic to support my recovery from cancer surgery and to help with my joint pain. It’s also absolutely delicious!”

New Zealand

Peter Fieldsend

“I absolutely love Kai Tonic and feel amazing when I have it.”

Hong Kong

Brigita Pajuczok

“So good - just what the body wants.”

NZ iron woman and ultra marathon runner

Kylie Brown

”The ultimate recovery tonic soup!”

New Zealand

Vivian Ly